NH 4 - Plant Growth Regulators


  • NH4 helps to increases uptake of soil nutrient.
  • NH4 helps to improve fruits and flowering of plant.
  • NH4 helps to improve branches of crop.
  • NH4 increases white root development.
  • NH4 helps to improve texture and structure of soil.
  • NH4 acts as a chelating agent.
  • NH4 acts as a biological stress manager.
  • NH4 increases soil aeration.
  • NH4 give greenery to plant that is helpful role in chlorophyl formation and stimulate vegetative growth.

Especially Works on

  • White Root Development
  • Develop Soil Structure and Texture
  • Improve Vegetative Growth
  • Chelating Agent


  • Fertilizer
  • PGR
  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides

Dilution Rate

  • 6 Kg per Acre for Soil Application
  • 10 g per Plant for Top Dressing