Catch BOR - Micronutrients


  • Catch BOR one of the micro nutrients that is essential for crop health also happens to be one of the most deficient in the mejority of fields.
  • Catch BOR is necessary for normal cell division, nitrogen metabolism and protein formation.
  • Catch BOR is essential elements for proper cell wall formation.
  • Catch BOR shows vital role in IAA metabolism and RNA metabolism.
  • Catch BOR is helpful for the translocation os sugar and carbohydrate.
  • Catch BOR is important in pollination, seed reproduction and root growth.
  • Catch BOR plays an important role in the proper function of cell membranes and the transport of K to guard cells for the proper control of internal water balance.

Especially Works on

  • Cell wall formation
  • Cell Division
  • Terminal Birds
  • Fruit Cracking


  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Micro Nutrient

Dilution Rate

  • Foliar 0.5-1 gm./Ltr. of water
  • Fertigation 250 500gm/ Acre