Catch COP - Micronutrients


  • Catch COP is an important component of proteins that regulate the rate of many biochemical reactions in plants.
  • Catch COP promotes seed production and formation
  • Catch COP plays an essential role in chlorophyll formation
  • Catch COP is essential for proper enzyme activity in Plant Body.
  • Catch COP is necessary for carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism.
  • Catch COP also is required for lignin synthesis which is needed for cell wall strength and prevention of wilting.
  • Catch COP is important in plant disease prevention.

Especially Works on

  • Recover Copper Deficiency
  • Act as a fungicide
  • Compatibility
  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Acaricide

Dilution Rate

  • 0.5 1gm /Ltr. of water for Soil
  • 250gm 500gm/Acre for Fertigation