Catch MAG S - Micronutrients


  • Catch MAG S active involved in photosynthesis as a component.
  • Catch MAG S plays an important role in plant respiration and energy metabolism.
  • Catch MAG S is an enzyme activator in the synthesis of nucleicacids (DNA and RNA).
  • Catch MAG S is carrier of Phosphorus throughout plant body.
  • Catch MAG S is both an enzyme activator and a constitutent of many enzymes.
  • Catch MAG S helps to sugar synthesis, stress translocation and plant oil and fat formation.
  • Catch MAG S regulates uptake of the other essential elements.
  • Catch MAG S increase iron utilization and nitrogen fixation in legume nodules.

Especially Works on

  • Cholorophyll Formation
  • Metabolism
  • Respiration


  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Acaricide

Dilution Rate

  • 2 3gm./Ltr. of water for foliar
  • 3 5kg. /acre in Fertigation