Catch Mix DF - Micronutrients


  • Catch Mix DF is an essential component of various enzyme systems for energy production, protein synthesis, and growth regulation.
  • Catch Mix DF is benefits to cell wall formation, sugar transportation, flower retention, pollen formation and germination of Plant.
  • Catch Mix DF is necessary for carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism.
  • Catch Mix DF is involved in the production of chlorophyll.
  • Catch Mix DF induces enzymes associated with energy transfer, and lignin formation.
  • Catch Mix DF is necessary in photosynthesis, and to form other compounds required for plant metabolism.

Especially Works on

  • Nutrient Availability
  • Photo Syntheses
  • Control Micro nutrient Deficiency


  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • PGR
  • Fertilizer

Dilution Rate

  • 2.5 Ltr./Acre for Fertigation
  • 5ml / Ltr. for Drenching