I Boost - Plant Growth Regulators


  • I Boost using with hydrogen cynamide can overcome the environmental problem. i.e. heavy rain, low temperature different pH of water, cane size.
  • Mostly use full for uniformly bud burst in grape.
  • I Boost helpful for uniform stage of grape vine. i.e. dipping, flowering, thinning, harvesting.
  • Beneficial to uniformly fail shoot remove.
  • Mostly useful rainy season as well as low temperature.
  • Using I Boost no need for the wetting agent and other chemicals.
  • I Boost Maintain pH of paste solution. i.e. Ideal 4 pH
  • I Boost minimises the wasting losses.
  • I Boost differentiate between applied and non applied area of HCN

Especially Works on

  • Dormancy Break


  • Hydrogen Cyanamide

Dilution Rate

  • 30 - 50 ml /Ltr. of Water