I MIX - Plant Growth Regulators


  • I-MIX gives greater tolerance of environmental stresses such as cold, heat, drought.
  • I-MIX gives tolerance in mineral toxicity and mineral deficiency situation.
  • I-MIX promotes natural fungal defense mechanisms in plants.
  • I-MIX deposited in epidermal cell walls, enhances plant's resistance to insects.
  • I-MIX enhances metabolic functions and plant growth rates.
  • I-MIX balances nutrient up taking, distributing, transporting and increasing the concentration of chlorophyll.
  • I-MIX helps to improve pollen fertility, fruit and flower count.

Especially Works on

  • Developing Soil Structure and Texture
  • Neutralizing acidity
  • Reducing nutrient leaching losses
  • Up taking P and K


  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Fertilizer
  • PGR

Dilution Rate

  • 2.5 Kg per Acre for Drenching
  • 10 Kg per Acre for Basel Dose
  • 5 g per Ltr water for Drenching
  • 2 g per Ltr for Foliar