I Race - Plant Growth Regulators


  • I Race helps to induce synthesis of hormones like IAA, GA.
  • I Race helps to increase size of fruits and growth in orchards.
  • I Race is supplement of bio stimulants for better growth of plant and its produces.
  • I Race helps to stimulate cell division of plant.
  • I Race helps to increase carbohydrates for fruit development.
  • I Race helps to builders and chemical messenger of cell.
  • I Race helps to increase photosynthesis of plant.

Especially Works on

  • Metabolism
  • Stimulates Cell Division
  • Cell Elongation
  • Cell Enlargement
  • Fruit Setting
  • Induces Hormones like GA and IAA
  • Photosynthesis


  • Pesticides
  • PGR

Dilution Rate

  • 0.5 ml to 0.75 ml per Ltr for Foliar
  • 1 ml per Ltr for Dipping
  • 1 ml per ltr for Drenching
  • 2 ml per Ltr for Seed Treatment