Lifter P - Bio Fertilizers


  • Lifter P solubilizes the fixed phosphorus in the soil in simpler form and make it available directly to the Plant.
  • Lifter P produced organic acid succinic acid and there by Phosphorus converting in available form.
  • Lifter P enhanced root proliferation due to release of growth promoting Harmon.
  • Lifter P improved soil structure, Texture, Fertility.
  • Lifter P save the cost of organic and inorganic Phosphate fertilizer
  • Lifter P improve mocrobial population in soil.
  • Lifter P increases the vegetative growth and crop yield.

Mode of Action

  • Selective strain of potash solubilizing bacteria
  • It is potash solubilizer bacteria.
  • which mobilizes insoluble potash in to soluble one and make it available to plant.

Especially Works on

  • Phosphorus uptake


  • Bio - Fertilizer

Dilution Rate

  • 2 -3 Ltr. / Acre in Fertigation
  • 5ml / Ltr. in water Drenching
  • 10ml / Ltr. in water for Seeds