NH 4 Drip - Plant Growth Regulators


  • NH4 DRIP acts as nutritional support during critical stages of plant growth i.e. Heavy rain, Water logging condition, by providing essential nutrients in easily available forms.
  • NH4 DRIP helps to overcome or reduce stress during critical growth stages of plant, i.e. stress manager.
  • NH4 DRIP helps to improve yield and quality of crop.
  • NH4 DRIP helps to develop white roots and improves photosynthesis process.
  • NH4 DRIP helps to reduce the quantity of chemical fertilizers.
  • NH4 DRIP promotes root development.
  • NH4 DRIP Induces the effective bacteria to stimulate synthesis of hormones.
  • NH4 DRIP acts as chelating agent in soil element.
  • NH4 DRIP help to increase vegetative growth and greenery of plant.
  • NH4 DRIP helps to induce metabolism and photosynthesis of plant.

Especially Works on

  • White Root Development
  • Develop Soil Structure and Texture
  • Improve Vegetative Growth


  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • PGR

Dilution Rate

  • 1 Kg per Acre for Drenching
  • 1 Kg per Acre for Fertigation
  • 5 g per Ltr for Seed Treatment
  • 2 Kg per Acre for Soil Application