NH 5 Drip - Plant Growth Regulators


  • Nh5 Drip is essential for improved protein Synthesis and Metabolism in plant.
  • NH5 Drip is excellent food for microbial populations in the soil that will lead to other benefits as a result of microbial activities.
  • NH5 Drip act as chelating agents, which absorb essential micro elements and preventing them from being leached.
  • NH5 Drip helps to improve Soil structure, Texture, Fertility, Cation Exchange and Water retention.
  • NH5 Drip helps to Induce Chlorophyll & Accelerates Photosynthesis leading to greener plants.
  • NH5 Drip is the main agent responsible for dissolving minerals from insoluble complexes.
  • NH5 Drip helps as stress manager (effects of drought, Heavy Rainfall, Cold Condition).
  • NH5 Drip helps to improve C:N ratio in Soil.
  • NH5 Drip helps to resist root diseases.

Especially Works on

  • White Root Development
  • Develop Soil Structure and Texture
  • Improve Vegetative Growth


  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Acaricide

Dilution Rate

  • 1 Kg /Acre for Drip in 200 Ltr. of Water